ZoomMail AI

AI driven email marketing has arrived. 

Use our AI engine to identify and engage your hottest prospects. Take off with ZoomMail

Simple Email Management

Simple Email Management

Full Management Dashboard

One-click access to your email history, analytics, email lists, recipients and their engagement levels.

Email Designer

Use our drag and drop email designer by selecting from one of our pre-designed email templates or upload your own HTML designs to use with ZoomMail.

How email AI works


Our AI algorithm translates the digital activity of your email recipients into indicators of interest. 

Automatic interest scoring

ZoomMail saves you time by automatically identifying your hottest prospects. 

AI panel

Our AI data panel gives you real-time updates on lead engagement and recommends who to focus your sales efforts on. 

AI driven segmentation

Segment your most engaged contacts into a hot prospects email list to maximise your email return on investment.

Dynamics Personalisation

Dynamic Personalisation

Unlimited personalisation

Upload and manage personalisation data for each contact and personalise e-mail content however you need.

Triggered & sequential emails

Schedule a one-off email or a sequence of emails. Trigger emails to be sent based on recipient behaviour such as email opens and clicks or website visits.

Actionable Insights

Hotspot Map

See where people are clicking on emails and what piques their interest. Optimise future email performance with hotspot insights.

Perpetual opens & clicks

Track total email opens and clicks on a recipient level. ZoomMail gives you richer email and recipient data at no additional cost.

Actionable Insights

Cross channel tracking

Track recipient engagement across email, website and social media. We track email opens and clicks, website sessions and even social shares!

Bounce Management

View your bounces, act on and update your data depending on bounce category.

A dedicated team of experts on hand, ready to help

  • PROBLEM -Most businesses lack the time or expertise to maximise email return on investment and existing email marketing tools only offer rudimentary technical support via chat bot or e-mail.
  • SOLUTION - Businesses need a consultative partner that can work with them to optimise their email strategy and technology on a hands-on basis
  • HOW - Each ZoomMail client gets a dedicated account manager. We work on a proactive basis via video call or phone to optimise our client's email strategy and technology. 

Automate your marketing

  • PROBLEM - Lacking the technical expertise, most businesses don't automate their email marketing efforts, resorting to sending only occasional newsletters that deliver mediocre return on investment. 
  • SOLUTION - ZoomMail offers a suite of email automation features that can deliver personalised emails to recipients that are triggered by their engagement. 
  • HOW - We work directly with clients to develop and launch their email automation strategy, helping them save time and increase their email marketing return on investment. 

Tailored Integrations with your existing tools

  • PROBLEM - Many businesses are operating with fragmented marketing technology that is not integrated. Working across tools takes time and many tools are not compatible with each other.
  • SOLUTION - Integrating their technology stack can help businesses create automated marketing workflows, saving precious time and driving their overall marketing performance. 
  • HOW - At ZoomMail we work with clients to create bespoke marketing technology integrations that work for each business's specific needs. We tailor integrations and build bespoke marketing technology stacks for clients to accelerate their marketing performance.